Bella sits on the bed and blows up a small beach ball. After that she tries to pop it with her butt.
08:42 min. – 385 MB

Karina got a pile of swim rings blown up. She can stand in the middle of ‘em and disappears almost completely.
But she will tear them apart on after another and pierce them with a screwdriver.
09:23 min. – 416 MB

Angel has put on her tight swim vest and waits to get into the water. She’s got 2 blown up beach balls and will blow up the third in the water.
Watch her playing with the balls and more.
06:21 min. – 273 MB

In part II Eve treats the beach balls. She is really keen on it and brings even the biggest ball to pop with her butt.
07:27 min. – 329 MB

Susi does not like it when you sit in your little inflatable pool and play alone. She will punish you and trample and slit your toy open.
05:42 min. – 251 MB

Jasmin awakes from sleep and feels a bit naughty. First she inflates a small beach ball which arouses her more and more. Finally she rides a
banana between her thighs, before she bites a hole in it and presses the air out of it.
07:57 min. - 378 MB

Oh, Kitty is exited. She can’t wait to get the beach balls under her butt. Watch her blowing them up and pressing the air out. Will she make one of them pop?
09:04 min. – 400 MB

Unfortunately even this dream has an end. Here comes the last part with Karina and Angel. Sweet dreams!
08:22 min. – 369 MB

Do you remember Jasmins and Karinas competition ending in a draw? Here comes a reload of the game. Which pump will blow up the beach ball faster?
05:22 min. – 233 MB

Eve sits on a blue whale. The room is full of inflatables. You can tell that Eve is good at playing with balls.
In 3 parts you can see what Eve is able to do with her butt.
14:35 min. – 645 MB

While enjoying the last summer days, Karina comes to the pool. She is asking if you like to get in the pool. She puts on her tight swim vest and you help her get off her bikini and blow up her vest. Is there anything left to blow up?
07:10 min. – 312 MB

Gina said she will bring it to burst. She gives everything till she is all sweaty. She´s got the perfect butt for that. Will she make it or give up before?
14:22 min. – 635 MB

100 shooting pics of Angel with 8 different big beach balls and video from this hot shooting.
10:23 min. – 458 MB

Jasmin goes for a big ride today with her horse! We will see if it obeys Jasmins orders and deserves a treat.
08:00 min. – 353 MB

I didn't tell Bella how to play with such a huge dragon and how it can bring her joy.
She tries it herself bit by bit and you will see, after that she wants it again and again!
09:09 min. – 384 MB

The second night has begun. You only wanna fall asleep quickly and get on dreaming.
Just one thing is clear: Karina and Angel are hot as hell and the inflas are huge but the dream isn't finished yet!
13:42 min. – 605 MB

Karina sits on a little stool. She gets herself two small beach balls and rides them with her butt as hard as she can.
She presses the air out with her butt and pops the other one with her high heels.
04:48 min. – 219 MB

Chrissy lies down on a blown up crocodile. She squeezes it and rubs it against her body until it pops.
16:59 min. – 727 MB

Too many days till summer, so here a little warm up for your hearts. Franka is in the park.
The sun burns so hard that the balls just pop by themselves.
7:43 min. – 341 MB

Imagine a dream in which there is a room full of Inflatables. Then Angel and Karina show up and sweeten the scene. Don't worry about going by too fast.
There will be other nights in which the story goes on!
11:07 min. – 490 MB

Alex and Kathy cleared up some space for a huge beach ball they blowed up. Watch them sit on and play with it und finally press the air out of it.
05:24 min. – 238 MB

Angelina takes a seat on a huge inflated mattress. She oils herself up and plays around with her 2 arm floats.
What in the world could be more wonderful to look at?
16:05 min. – 711 MB

Angel has put on her hottest bikini and rides 2 different beach balls on a transparent chair.
07:19 min. – 323 MB

Chrissy unpackes a crocodile. She will slowly blow up the whole croc with her mouth.
12:06 min. – 536 MB

Karina blew up a gecko. She sits down on it and puts cream all over her body. With her creamed body she rides the gecko and brings him to pop step by step.
08:53 min. – 393 MB

Sweet Bella Boom is only 20 years old and the first time with RubYourToy. We will see if she can bring everything to pop.
12:28 min. – 551 MB

Jasmin and Karina want to go into competition. They sit on the blue couch and try to find out who blows best.
06:45 min. – 298 MB

Franka wants to see what happens when you fill a beach ball with cream. But after she's done, she rather taste a little bit of it.
12:28 min. – 551 MB

All alone you ride your favorite infla and you feel comfortable. But then Kitty comes in and see what you’re doing…
05:46 min. – 275 MB

Jasmin wants to blow up beach balls and be close to you. Would you like that?
04:21 min. – 207 MB

Angel wears her sexiest bikini and enjoys the butterfly house. If this is doing good? Butterflies are so fragile…!
10:59 min. – 485 MB

Steffi, Karina and Lola meet up at home. Steffi got a big surprise for the girls. It’s a huge whale. At first the 3 girls try to it blow up with their mouth. How long will they hold up?

Jasmin unwraps her christmas package and guess what she got's? A big reindeer.
She blows it up and rides it.
10:38 min. - 491 MB

Today there are 3 short clips as a little gift.
Kitty rides a football, Bring it to pop beneath Scarlet (sorry for the bad quality)
In the pool with Karina. Enjoy.
13:00 min. – 490 MB

Jasmin rolls herself in Oh what a nice beach ball… wonderful colours and a considerable size. Jasmin will treat it with an incence stick and then squeeze it until the air is out completely.
08:25 min. – 371 MB

Franka liked blowing up the beach balls very much. Today, she tries a swim ring. After blowing it up, she rips it up with her fingernails.
05:48 min. – 256 MB

At first you can watch Susi blowing up her infla with her mouth. Once it's blown up tightly, you sit opposite her on your crocodile.
Susi lights up a cigarette... mhh, will this turn out well?
07:29 min. – 347 MB

Kitty knows for a long time that she loves inflatables. And she likes when other people watch her.
Today the time is right. Her first big ride on a dolphin and you can watch her doing it.
07:29 min. – 343 MB

Chrissy got a big beach ball. You watch her secretly blowing it up. What is going to happen when she finds out?
16:49 min. – 804 MB

The summer is almost gone already. But Angel enjoys the last sunshine and jumped into the pool with a huge whale.
06:00 min. – 260 MB

Today the story about Jasmin and her rubber duck goes on. Jasmin will ride it and hug it. Hopefully her high spikey heels wont do any harm...
08:36 min. – 418 MB

Franka got 3 beachballs and she will blow them up very slowly. You can watch her doing it and be really close to her.
07:19 min. – 375 MB

Karina got 2 huge bananas. She rides the first one till it pops. The second one is more resistant. She blows it up and up and tries to pop it.
06:00 min. – 307 MB

Alex and Kathy got 2 big whales to play with. Kathy’s whale leaks and the air is coming out. Fortunately Alex got another one and so they can play together.
13:23 min. – 592 MB

Angel enjoys her huge elephant. She rides him and squeezes and rubs against him.
07:09 min. – 367 MB

Today Susi tries something new. She attaches a small camera to her knife. So you can watch her jabbing a knife into the beachballs.
07:42 min. – 333 MB

Today we wanna watch Crissy. Crissy is a new model. She is scantily clad and so you can watch her perfect body while she pumps up a huge banana. Watch her riding and loving the banana, which she is gonna bring to pop at the end.
14:39 min. – 648 MB

Karina got her black corset and her black hold-up stockings on. You can watch her pumping up the crocodile slowly with a feet pump. Then she puts on her over-the-knee boots. What is she gonna do with them?
06:56 min. – 331 MB

Jasmin has dressed especially sexy today. She has picked a huge inflatable rubber duck to play with.
She pumps the duck up and checks if it is worth playing with.