Oh, who is blowing up something with their mouth? So you sneak a peek behind the curtain.
Susi and Karina didn't blow up the huge whale with their mouth, didn't they?
10:41 min. – 469 MB

The room is full with those little penguins. But no worries, Franka and Karina will clean the room up and get some space for themselves.
07:11 min. – 317 MB

Is Angel ready for the last 3 big beach balls after this hard working day?
07:55 min. – 349 MB

Nathalie got 2 beautiful baby rolls as a gift. Inside there was a note with a wish. Of course she will satisfy this desire.
14:00 min. – 619 MB

No, Chrissy doesn't want to blow up the huge swim ring with her mouth. She takes the footpump.
She pumps the swim ring slowly up with her foot and then later presses the air out bare feet again.
16:46 min. – 717 MB

The new girl Tequila just wanted to go out and enjoy the last sunshine. But even the sudden storm won't stop her.
07:49 min. – 345 MB

Jeez….Bella dances a lap dance just for you. Are you ready for that?
12:03 min. – 532 MB

3 gorgeous girls ride a huge gryphon. Will there be enough place for all the 3 of them?
09:32 min. – 421 MB

It does not take a lot, only a theater and a huge duck and Karina and Susi freak out.
09:47 min. – 432 MB

Unluckily we weren't there and Franka didn't lose a word about it. But something bad must have happened!
17:48 min. – 723 MB

Angel comes home from work and feeling tired and achy. She needs time off badly.
What a nice thing that her guests left all the big beach balls from the party behind!
08:52 min. – 391 MB

Bella grabbed the big elephant. She wants to show him how well she is riding! It is a little too much but what the f….is she doing with him at the end?
08:52 min. – 391 MB

Jasmin and Steffi are alone in their room. They feel unwatched and play with their inflatables. Ups, the camera was running the whole time…!
10:45 min. – 475 MB

Karina and Susi are in the theater again. The show is over but somebody forgot to tidy up properly!
07:25 min. – 327 MB

Again Karina got sent a lot of water toys. But actually she wants something else. See what she will do with the toys when she won’t get her way!
10:27 min. – 337 MB

This is the second part of "Angel and the White Shark". Angel tries to enlarge the blown up shark with a hairdryer.
When he is tight enough she will make it pop with her sexy butt.
10:57 min. – 484 MB

Chrissy has brought a huge yellow beach ball. She tries to blow it up with her mouth.
But the ball is just too big. So she gets a pump and makes it real tight so she can ride it properly!
16:24 min. – 725 MB

Bella and Kitty blew up a zebra. They ride it with full commitment. Will it obey?
09:31 min. – 420 MB

Karina and Franka are only here for you to help. Do you have your favourite beach ball ready at hand?
08:47 min. – 388 MB

This theater is dominated by an unique atmosphere. But Susi wants to ride the whale alone this time!
10:43 min. – 473 MB

Bella, Kitty and Ètre got a fantastic present – an original swim vest and 2 beach balls. Find out what they going to do with it.
10:59 min. – 485 MB

Angel was always keen on doing this experiment: blowing up a 4.8 inch beach ball under the shirt of Karina. Will the shirt rip apart?
How will Karina handle the situation?
13:01 min. – 575 MB

Angel blows up a gorgeous dolphin. At first she does it with the foot pump and then with the hand pump but later she finishes it off the compressor.
15:18 min. – 676 MB

Bella has blown up some tubes and a huge stretched swim ring. Let the fun begin!
07:14 min. – 319 MB

Karina and Susi always liked the big inflas. But they never tried them cause their rooms are too small.
But the theater seems to be a perfect place for the huge inflatables – finally a place to blow them up and get wild.
11:14 min. – 496 MB

Alex brought 2 huge beautiful beach balls and wants to try them. But Steffi doesn’t feel like it at all. What is she going to do?
04:22 min. – 193 MB

Bella is waiting in the pool and awaits your gifts. With this great stuff absolutely nothing can go wrong!
10:53 min. – 481 MB

The horse is a young little naughty thing. And Chrissy is going to teach him a lesson!
08:05 min. – 357 MB

Eve got a new toy – a huge gryphon. It almost doesn’t fit into the room. But Eve rides him anyway in all imaginable postures.
12:21 min. – 546 MB

Angel is alone in the pool. You can watch her. Take the big blue dolphin and jump into the refreshing water!
07:08 min. – 314 MB

Susi blow up the big whale, but this is not enough. She takes the hairdryer and make him as big as Moby Dick.
17:54 min. – 790 MB

Angelina blew up a White Shark. After the hot ride she puts the fear of God into him with her high heels.
09:49 min. – 433 MB

Eve and Karina are really exhausted after the fight. Even too tired to tidy up so they make him pop.
17:27 min. – 772 MB

Karina chose the biggest dragon, of course. Oh, how she likes it….is she going to fly away with him?
07:52 min. – 347 MB

Gina knows that hot rides with high heels are forbidden. She does it anyway and sticks her long heels into it.
11:49 min. – 522 MB

Finally Jasmin caught a dragon for herself. She tries a lot of position with him – which one is the hottest?
09:25 min. – 416 MB

Eve and Karina got boxing gloves and a huge hammer as a gift. They blow it up and not long after they teasing each other.
16:10 min. – 714 MB

We bumped into Être Belle today and happened to have some beach balls with us. Will the beach balls stand the long heels?
06:53 min. – 314 MB

Karina and Franka got some small penguins which they want to pop. They blow them up with their mouth and the compressor.
They will ride them sitting on your lap.
07:38 min. – 337 MB

Alex and Kathy got a huge beautiful white fox. They ride him, jump on him and press the air out. Do you want to help them?
08:24 min. – 370 MB

Bella is sitting on the couch with only a bikini on. She blows up 2 amazing floaties.
But when she puts them on, she realizes that’s something missing to feel really comfortable.
Well, she’s got something left under the sofa!
10:01 min. – 443 MB

Karina likes using the sauna. Today was a good day cause she could sneak in with 3 beach balls.
05:00 min. – 210 MB

The bed full with swim rings. But don’t worry, at first they make room for their beautiful boobies
and then they pop the swim rings till they got enough space to stretch their legs.
16:26 min. – 727 MB

Has Chrissy taken too much oil or why does she always slips off the huge beach ball? But she will make and let the air out anyway.
07:08 min. – 315 MB

All floaties are still intact? That’s not possible, Eve thinks to herself.
So she takes the compressor and make them all real tight and get them to burst with her perfect butt.
14:24 min. – 637 MB

When the sun is shining Franka gotta go out and enjoy nature. She always takes a big inflatable with her.
She usually does that alone but this time you can watch her.
10:38 min. – 469 MB

Eve got loads of floaties with her and immediately starts blowing them up. She blows them up and presses the air out again.
Then she puts them on and while wearing she squeezes the air out.
14:36 min. – 646 MB

This was quiet a stressful day for Karina. As usual when she wants to relax,
she takes an inflatable in the pool. But when she lies down on the croc and lights up a cigarette,
she got thrown off the croc. Wait Buddy….Karina thinks to herself….
07:13 min. – 318 MB