23 Steffi and Alex in an arm float rush! Part 1 1
23 Steffi and Alex in an arm float rush! Part 1 2

Steffi and Alex put arm floats on. They enjoy blowing them up. Steffi tries to pull two arms through the arm float, does it work? Finally they take them off but they fit quiet tightly...

22 Susi and her huge Dragon

01.01.2013 Susie 15:57 Minuten Blonde, Inflatables
22 Susi and her huge Dragon 1
22 Susi and her huge Dragon 2

Susi is at home and reads a magazine. Suddenly she remembers that she still has an inflatable surprise which she never opened yet. She looks for it and plugs her electric pump. The inflatable gets bigger and bigger, a dragon is taking form and soon fills the whole room. She plays with it and rides it with her sexy outfit. You can tell shes having a great fun. After a while, she sits on it and starts to let the air out of it, slowly, slowly, and finally sits on it overtaking the dragon

Schlagworte: 1.99, nonpop, ride, deflate, high heels

21 Unexpected pop

01.01.2013 Steffi 11:44 Minuten Brunette, Inflatables
21 Unexpected pop 1
21 Unexpected pop 2

Steffi and Alex are blowing up one requested beach ball. But unfortunately they bounce too hard, and the ball pops earlier than expected. What to do now? They deflate their blue couch.

Schlagworte: 1.99, popping, beachball, 2 girls

20 Good girl gone bad

01.01.2013 Susie 7:50 Minuten Blonde, Inflatables
20 Good girl gone bad 1
20 Good girl gone bad 2

Susi is playing with her wobbling seehorses. She teases and bats them and digs her heels into the seehorse. She punishes her little friends with the glowing cigarette.

19 Alexa enjoys her arm floats

01.01.2013 Alexa 5:40 Minuten Inflatables, Redhead
19  Alexa enjoys her arm floats 1
19  Alexa enjoys her arm floats 2

Alexa is having fun with her arm floats and plays with them. She wonders how much space the inside of a arm floats has. Alexa spits to get her hand inside. Then she squeezes the air out.

18 Fishnets & High Heels

01.01.2013 Jasmin 6:06 Minuten Brunette, Inflatables
18 Fishnets & High Heels 1
18 Fishnets & High Heels 2

Jasmin pops a lot of small beach balls with her High Heels.

17 Red Embers II

01.01.2013 Alexa 5:18 Minuten Inflatables, Redhead
17 Red Embers II 1
17 Red Embers II 2

Alexa is enjoying her cigarette. She fills her small transparent beach ball with smoke slowly, and after teasing her ball, she burns a hole into it. She balances the cig in that hole and squeezes air and smoke out of it.

16 Susie, Mr. Crab & friends

01.01.2013 Susie 7:54 Minuten Blonde, Inflatables
16 Susie, Mr. Crab & friends 1
16 Susie, Mr. Crab & friends 2

Susie enjoys her bubble gum and bounces on three beach ball anima 'till they pop under her sexy butt.

Schlagworte: 1.99, popping, sitpop

15 Sensual Pantyhose Bouncing

01.01.2013 Jasmin 7:04 Minuten Brunette, Inflatables
15   Sensual Pantyhose Bouncing 1
15   Sensual Pantyhose Bouncing 2

Jasmin tries to pop 3 beach balls under her butt. She's wearing black pantyhose and silky hot pants. One ball really pops because of her heavy bouncing, she damages the other one with her finger nails and deflates the last one through the valve.

14 Skin to skin

01.01.2013 Alexa 8:43 Minuten Inflatables, Redhead
14  Skin to skin 1
14  Skin to skin 2

Alexa is riding her seal and she's hugging and kissing it. She get's so aroused that she takes off her shirt, to rub her body all over her toy.

Schlagworte: 1.99, ride, deflate, nonpop