13 Razorblade Susie

01.01.2013 Susie 8:35 Minuten Blonde, Inflatables
13 Razorblade Susie 1
13 Razorblade Susie 2

Susie teases her penguin by rubbing and grinding on him. She get's so naughty, you can watch her panties when her skirt slips up. But Susie is not just naughty, she is also a wicked bitch - she her penguin with her razorblade.

Schlagworte: 1.99, popping, ride

12 Pump2Pop with Jasmin

01.01.2013 Jasmin 9:39 Minuten Brunette, Inflatables
12 Pump2Pop with Jasmin 1
12 Pump2Pop with Jasmin 2

Jasmin shows what she can do with different inflatables and a hand pump.

11 Alexa One on One

01.01.2013 Alexa 6:24 Minuten Inflatables, Redhead
11 Alexa One on One 1
11 Alexa One on One 2

Alexas room is filled with beach balls. But one ball is missing. She inflates it by mouth and finally deflates it again by squeezing in her hands.

Schlagworte: 1.99, beachball, nonpop, deflate, blow

10 Messin' around

01.01.2013 Susie 10:07 Minuten Blonde, Inflatables
10 Messin' around 1
10 Messin' around 2

Susi fills one small beach ball with air, water and spit. After she inflated that ball, she opens it again and let the water run down her face and body.

9 Flipper on her skin

01.01.2013 Jasmin 8:55 Minuten Brunette, Inflatables
9 Flipper on her skin 1
9 Flipper on her skin 2

Jasmin wears a sexy bikini and inflate a blue dolphin. She teases her toy by rubbing all over her skin. Finally she deflates the dolphin by pressing tight against her body.

Schlagworte: 1.99, nonpop, deflate, blow

8 Pantyhose ride

01.01.2013 Alexa 10:06 Minuten Inflatables, Redhead
8 Pantyhose ride 1
8 Pantyhose ride 2

Alexa rides two small and one big beach ball 'till all the air has left through the valve.

7 Pump2Pop Arm Floats

01.01.2013 Susie 10:21 Minuten Blonde, Inflatables
7 Pump2Pop Arm Floats 1
7 Pump2Pop Arm Floats 2

Susie puts two arm floats on and inflates them by mouth. Dressed up like this, she pops some more arm floats using her hand pump. Finally she deflates of the arm floats that she was wearing through the valve and the other one by biting.

6 Jasmin The Ripper

01.01.2013 Jasmin 9:15 Minuten Brunette, Inflatables
6 Jasmin The Ripper 1
6 Jasmin The Ripper 2

Jasmin has got her knife and she knows how to use it. Result is a huge inflatable knife massacre.

Schlagworte: 1.99, popping, beachball

5 Red Embers

01.01.2013 Alexa 5:15 Minuten Inflatables, Redhead
5 Red Embers 1
5 Red Embers 2

Alexa inflates arm floats and one swim ring by mouth. She's enjoying her cigarette while laying on an inflatable lounge chair, 'till she uses the cig to pop the ring and arm floats.

4 Smoking

01.01.2013 Susie 13:05 Minuten Blonde, Inflatables
4 Smoking 1
4 Smoking 2

Susie fills some small balls with smoke and pops them finally with her cigarette.

Schlagworte: 1.99, smoke, cigpop, popping, blow