Update: The price is known now!
Only a few days left it is possible to pre-order one of the desired swimming rings from @AkaneNeon from Japan. The exact price without shipping costs is 99 Euro.
Many people have asked me about the swimming rings from the pool shooting. These were made by dear @AkaneNeon from Japan. Now we have the unique opportunity to get some of the swimming rings which are limited to 20 pieces. The price consists of manufacturing costs, shipping from Japan and customs costs. These swimming rings are of very high quality and are printed with digital printing. Suited to the Christmas season, sweet Abby is shown in a Christmas costume. If you are interested in one of the popular swimming rings please send me an Email. The dispatch will probably take place around Christmas time. We hope that it will be under your tree in time for Christmas Eve.

Pre-ordering is possible until 11 December 2020 at the latest!











1 air mattress, popped, one small hole, signed by Lenna.

14,90 Euro, shipment not included! Send a Mail



1 Beachball, signed by Sofia!

1 piece of each in stock, first come, first served!

19,90 Euro, shipment not included! Send a Mail!