680 Foxy Sanie needs help 1
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680 Foxy Sanie needs help 3
680 Foxy Sanie needs help 4

Foxy cannot pop the horse alone. You must use the pump and make it real tight. Let's see how long it will withstand.

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March 22, 2019 16:11 anonymous ★★★★★ Das Pferd ist schön rund geworden bevor es gepopt ist. Ich liebe es grosse Tiere bis zum popen aufzublasen. Davon möchte ich mehr sehen.
May 18, 2019 07:11 Jordan ★★★★★ Oh My!!!!! This immediately became one of my top ten favourite inflatable fetish videos :D Foxy is phenominal, gorgeous and elegantly playful!! I can't get enough of her. Just WOW. Top notch content... I had to watch this in a few separate sessions it was unbelievably hot. Can you do a video with Her and a few different styles of Blow Up Dolls / Gummipuppen please :D Have her over inflate them, ride & bounce and tease them. Pop one at least with lung power and at least one by teasing and bouncing :P Bite one too! Instant hit on clips4sale guaranteed. Maybe even heat stretch them a little ahead of time if you could manage :D No studios tease with popping inflatable sex-dolls and humiliating their users :) From a long time fan and supporter, Jordan.Thank you ever so much for the best inflatophile content on the web ^_^ You all are wonderful :)
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