892 3 times pop 1
892 3 times pop 2
892 3 times pop 3
892 3 times pop 4
Pia makes the air mattress burst. She inflates the 3 chambers with the hand pump and tries to make them pop with her body weight.
Unfortunately, she moved too much during the last pop. Please excuse that the video is blurred in the most important scene. The pandemic is pushing us all to our limits. The girls are all doing well, thank you for all your requests. But since we can't shoot, we can't accept any request clips at the moment and have to publish a few clips now and then that should actually be languishing on the hard drive, like this one.
Stay safe and healthy and have fun!

Your RubYourToy Team

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April 07, 2021 19:59 Manuel ★★★☆☆ no comment entered
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