878 A shark's turn

2021-01-12Pia July9:15 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
878 A shark's turn 1
878 A shark's turn 2
878 A shark's turn 3
878 A shark's turn 4

Today it's a shark's turn for hot Pia. In the first clip, she blows him up with her mouth and rides him a bit. In the next clip she will then make him pop.

Tags: 878, nonpop

877 A job for Antonia

2021-01-08Antonia Sainz11:54 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
877 A job for Antonia 1
877 A job for Antonia 2
877 A job for Antonia 3
877 A job for Antonia 4

The job is: Blow up the rare and beautiful Looney Tunes beachball, ride it, keep blowing it up, ride it again until it pops. Let's see if Antonia can get the job done!

875 and 876

2021-01-05Marilyn Sugar20:40 minutes
875 and 876 1
875 and 876 2
875 and 876 3
875 and 876 4

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty and support and wish you a Happy New Year! The first update of the new year comes as a double pack. You know, sun and construction workers are the enemy of the pool shoot. But since the videos are hot, I do not want to withhold them from you, so therefore as a double pack. In clip 1 some water ran behind the lens and in clip 2 the sun was really too strong for hot Marilyn!

873 Again the beautiful melody

2020-12-29Sofia Lee8:55 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
873 Again the beautiful melody 1
873 Again the beautiful melody 2
873 Again the beautiful melody 3
873 Again the beautiful melody 4

You wished that Sofia rides the beautiful "my Melodie" beachballs. Of course she will do you the favor!

872 Well-filled it shall be

2020-12-25Foxy Sanie29:41 minutesInflatables
872 Well-filled it shall be 1
872 Well-filled it shall be 2
872 Well-filled it shall be 3
872 Well-filled it shall be 4
You want your Christmas presents to be filled to the brim. How full? Foxy shows you in the Christmas clip. She wants to ride 3 extremely stretched inflatables. For each one she puts on an extra costume. Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas wishes you
the RubYourToy Team!

871 Bonus

2020-12-24Pia July22:18 minutes
871 Bonus 1
871 Bonus 2
871 Bonus 3
871 Bonus 4

A hot POV clip with Pia, with English subtitles. The camera angles were not the best, so here as a bonus clip.

English subtitles!

870 Bonus

2020-12-24Marilyn Sugar12:55 minutesInflatables
870 Bonus 1
870 Bonus 2
870 Bonus 3
870 Bonus 4

A sexy pool clip with Marilyn. Unfortunately the sun didn't shine the way we wanted it to and the construction workers didn't let us stop them either.

Tags: 870, pool, nonpop

869 Bonus

2020-12-23Foxy Sanie11:12 minutesInflatables
869 Bonus 1
869 Bonus 2
869 Bonus 3
869 Bonus 4

Also a bonus clip with Foxy. A really hot POV clip. Unfortunately her face is not always so sharp on cam, so here as a bonus!

868 Bonus

2020-12-23Foxy Sanie10:58 minutesInflatables
868 Bonus 1
868 Bonus 2
868 Bonus 3
868 Bonus 4

Christmas is getting closer and closer and the lockdown is stressing us all out. Surely a few bonus clips could cheer us up a bit? Ok! Things always go wrong during filming, but it's a shame about the clips. Two bonus clips will be released on the 23nd and another two on the 24rd of December. And the beautiful Christmas clip will be online already on 25.12.2020!