19 Alexa enjoys her arm floats

2012-12-31Alexa5:40 minutesInflatables, Redhead
19  Alexa enjoys her arm floats 1
19  Alexa enjoys her arm floats 2

Alexa is having fun with her arm floats and plays with them. She wonders how much space the inside of a arm floats has. Alexa spits to get her hand inside. Then she squeezes the air out.

18 Fishnets & High Heels

2012-12-31Jasmin6:06 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
18 Fishnets & High Heels 1
18 Fishnets & High Heels 2

Jasmin pops a lot of small beach balls with her High Heels.

17 Red Embers II

2012-12-31Alexa5:18 minutesInflatables, Redhead
17 Red Embers II 1
17 Red Embers II 2

Alexa is enjoying her cigarette. She fills her small transparent beach ball with smoke slowly, and after teasing her ball, she burns a hole into it. She balances the cig in that hole and squeezes air and smoke out of it.

16 Susie, Mr. Crab & friends

2012-12-31Susie7:54 minutesBlonde, Inflatables
16 Susie, Mr. Crab & friends 1
16 Susie, Mr. Crab & friends 2

Susie enjoys her bubble gum and bounces on three beach ball anima 'till they pop under her sexy butt.

15 Sensual Pantyhose Bouncing

2012-12-31Jasmin7:04 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
15   Sensual Pantyhose Bouncing 1
15   Sensual Pantyhose Bouncing 2

Jasmin tries to pop 3 beach balls under her butt. She's wearing black pantyhose and silky hot pants. One ball really pops because of her heavy bouncing, she damages the other one with her finger nails and deflates the last one through the valve.

14 Skin to skin

2012-12-31Alexa8:43 minutesInflatables, Redhead
14  Skin to skin 1
14  Skin to skin 2

Alexa is riding her seal and she's hugging and kissing it. She get's so aroused that she takes off her shirt, to rub her body all over her toy.

13 Razorblade Susie

2012-12-31Susie8:35 minutesBlonde, Inflatables
13 Razorblade Susie 1
13 Razorblade Susie 2

Susie teases her penguin by rubbing and grinding on him. She get's so naughty, you can watch her panties when her skirt slips up. But Susie is not just naughty, she is also a wicked bitch - she her penguin with her razorblade.

Tags: 1.99, popping, ride

12 Pump2Pop with Jasmin

2012-12-31Jasmin9:39 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
12 Pump2Pop with Jasmin 1
12 Pump2Pop with Jasmin 2

Jasmin shows what she can do with different inflatables and a hand pump.

11 Alexa One on One

2012-12-31Alexa6:24 minutesInflatables, Redhead
11 Alexa One on One 1
11 Alexa One on One 2

Alexas room is filled with beach balls. But one ball is missing. She inflates it by mouth and finally deflates it again by squeezing in her hands.

10 Messin' around

2012-12-31Susie10:07 minutesBlonde, Inflatables
10 Messin' around 1
10 Messin' around 2

Susi fills one small beach ball with air, water and spit. After she inflated that ball, she opens it again and let the water run down her face and body.