766 Shy but hot

2020-01-10Yuli7:09 minutesAsian, Brunette, Inflatables
766 Shy but hot 1
766 Shy but hot 2
766 Shy but hot 3
766 Shy but hot 4

She is shy but hot. And she doesn't know how to handle this huge infla. But that doesn't matter, we like to watch anyway.

742 Yuli pops them all?

2019-10-22Yuli11:56 minutesAsian, Brunette, Inflatables
742 Yuli pops them all? 1
742 Yuli pops them all? 2
742 Yuli pops them all? 3
742 Yuli pops them all? 4

Two emails on one day saying they want to see some air mattress popping. Sure thing. Partly they are blown up and Yuli takes care of the last one. Then the show begins. It's the first time Yuli pops air mattresses. Let's see how she gets on.

733 Yuli, the timid

2019-09-20Yuli9:51 minutesAsian, Brunette, Inflatables
733 Yuli, the timid 1
733 Yuli, the timid 2
733 Yuli, the timid 3
733 Yuli, the timid 4

How life goes ... In the neighbor living community, a cute lovely exchange student moved in. Yuli is her name. She asked what I do with all the inflas I constantly get out of the basement ... Well I asked her if she is in the mood for this:). She says she knows it all, but in the upcoming videos you'll see that these are her first beachballs and inflatables. Of course she is still a bit shy and inexperienced, but goes to great effort.

If you like what she's done at her first visit get back to me and I will ask her to come over again.