875 and 876

2021-01-05Marilyn Sugar20:40 minutes
875 and 876 1
875 and 876 2
875 and 876 3
875 and 876 4

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty and support and wish you a Happy New Year! The first update of the new year comes as a double pack. You know, sun and construction workers are the enemy of the pool shoot. But since the videos are hot, I do not want to withhold them from you, so therefore as a double pack. In clip 1 some water ran behind the lens and in clip 2 the sun was really too strong for hot Marilyn!

870 Bonus

2020-12-24Marilyn Sugar12:55 minutesInflatables
870 Bonus 1
870 Bonus 2
870 Bonus 3
870 Bonus 4

A sexy pool clip with Marilyn. Unfortunately the sun didn't shine the way we wanted it to and the construction workers didn't let us stop them either.

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865 In the small pool with Pia

2020-12-15Pia July10:10 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
865 In the small pool with Pia 1
865 In the small pool with Pia 2
865 In the small pool with Pia 3
865 In the small pool with Pia 4

You are already waiting for Pia in the small pool. She quickly puts on her life jacket, grabs the beachball and is ready for a little private show.

858 The Competition

2020-11-20Marilyn Sugar and Pia July14:22 minutesBlonde, Brunette, Inflatables
858 The Competition 1
858 The Competition 2
858 The Competition 3
858 The Competition 4

Pia and Marilyn are equipped with two tampered horsewhips. They grab the reindeer and the black unicorn and jump into the pool. It does not take long and the whipping starts. Will there be a winner?

848 Let me ride you in the pool

2020-10-16Marilyn Sugar11:58 minutesBlonde, Inflatables
848 Let me ride you in the pool  1
848 Let me ride you in the pool  2
848 Let me ride you in the pool  3
848 Let me ride you in the pool  4

Poolparty with Marilyn in a Japanese swimsuit. She rides a pink unicorn, then blows up a vintage inflatable shark and rides it down in the pool.

845 Now it's time to pop

2020-10-06Marilyn Sugar and Pia July8:59 minutesBlonde, Brunette, Inflatables
845 Now it's time to pop 1
845 Now it's time to pop 2
845 Now it's time to pop 3
845 Now it's time to pop 4

Marylin and Pia play a little bit with the popped Japanese swimrings. But since almost all of the air is out, they quickly lose the interest in it. But the desire to fuck is still great. So they grab a big pillow, which is lying at the edge of the pool, and they punch holes in it very thoroughly.

839 Poolparty time with Marilyn Sugar 1
839 Poolparty time with Marilyn Sugar 2
839 Poolparty time with Marilyn Sugar 3
839 Poolparty time with Marilyn Sugar 4
Poolparty time with Marilyn Sugar, she plays with one of AkaneNeon's anime bop bags and deflate a pokemon Lapras inflatablefloat and rides the air out of them. Sorry for the strong sunlight, which surprised us with this clip.

831 The most beautiful

2020-08-18Marilyn Sugar16:02 minutesBlonde, Inflatables
831 The most beautiful 1
831 The most beautiful 2
831 The most beautiful 3
831 The most beautiful 4

First Marilyn plays in the pool with the super sweet Lapras. She rides it and has fun with it. Then she takes the beautiful swimming rings from AkaneNeon. She enjoys lying on the big swimming ring and swimming through the pool. Then she sits down again on the sweet Lapras and starts to deflate everything.

829 2 floats 2 girls

2020-08-11Marilyn Sugar and Pia July10:46 minutesBlonde, Brunette, Inflatables
829 2 floats 2 girls 1
829 2 floats 2 girls 2
829 2 floats 2 girls 3
829 2 floats 2 girls 4

Pia and Marilyn have fun in the pool. Each of the girls grabs a @Horseplaytoys pony float and immediately jumps into the pool. They enjoy riding the floats on the water and have a lot of fun. But actually they wanted to test the slow sinking into the water, for that they open the valves one after another. They need to cool down after it gets hotter and hotter on the floats.

825 The first day at the pool

2020-07-2812:49 minutesBlonde, Inflatables
825 The first day at the pool 1
825 The first day at the pool 2
825 The first day at the pool 3
825 The first day at the pool 4

Hey, a long time it was prepared and planned. A day at the pool with Marilyn and Horseplay Inflatables. Marilyn could finally ride the most different and rare inflatables and she obviously enjoyed it. But it came as it had to come. The neighbour had to do construction work at his house and the other one had to cover his roof... So try to ignore the disturbing noises and have fun with the various pool clips that are coming the next time. Your RYT-Team and Horseplay Inflatables.







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