943 Another big one

2021-08-27Mina15:59 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
943 Another big one 1
943 Another big one 2
943 Another big one 3
943 Another big one 4

Ok, same room but an even bigger ball. It is a rare giant beachball. Petite Mina will try to mount it and ride it a bit. Then she will pop it and ride the air out.

940 Your last beachball?

2021-08-17Foxy Sanie9:19 minutesRedhead
940 Your last beachball? 1
940 Your last beachball? 2
940 Your last beachball? 3
940 Your last beachball? 4

Foxy has made herself comfortable. She's sitting in front of you on a giant, half-inflated pumpkin. You have your last little beachball with you and you are supposed to blow it up for her. Are you fast enough and will she like it? German and English subtitles.

937 All three are on today

2021-08-0620:47 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
937 All three are on today 1
937 All three are on today 2
937 All three are on today 3
937 All three are on today 4

Antonia will pop all three big beachballs today. She pops them with a very thin needle so that the air can escape nice and slow.

934 Ohh, that was too thin

2021-07-27Mina8:38 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
934 Ohh, that was too thin 1
934 Ohh, that was too thin 2
934 Ohh, that was too thin 3
934 Ohh, that was too thin 4

Ohh, that was a bit too stretched. Mina hasn't blown up Nemo enough, she wants to test him first. She starts to ride slowly and then it happens.

930 Let them burst!

2021-07-09Lenna Ross20:22 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
930 Let them burst! 1
930 Let them burst! 2
930 Let them burst! 3
930 Let them burst! 4

Today, Lenna is working on a transparent seat and a white cushion. She wants to make them both burst. The transparent seat is not so much fun, but the white cushion, that's really fun!

911 the sun heats you

2021-05-07Marilyn Sugar and Pia July10:22 minutesBlonde, Brunette, Inflatables2021
911 the sun heats you 1
911 the sun heats you 2
911 the sun heats you 3
911 the sun heats you 4

Marilyn Sugar & Pia July give a sun-warmed inflatable blue whale a hard ride. The girls grind against each other & the toy’s pvc, which stretches and squeaks under the 2 nude sluts’ combined weight and lust. Bonus vid: Marylin pops & patches the whale.

901 I can't do it

2021-04-02Pia July16:27 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
901 I can't do it 1
901 I can't do it 2
901 I can't do it 3
901 I can't do it 4

Pia just can't do it, she is too afraid to sit on the horse properly. The pump can't do it either, the horse can take too much. Unfortunately, the fingernails are the only thing that can help her to conquer the horse.

898 Popping naked

2021-03-23Foxy Sanie15:27 minutesInflatables, Redhead
898 Popping naked 1
898 Popping naked 2
898 Popping naked 3
898 Popping naked 4

Today Foxy really make them pop. Under her sexy naked bottom the inflatables are pushed to their limits with the compressor and of course a bit further!

895 Too light after all

2021-03-12Foxy Sanie10:50 minutesInflatables, Redhead
895 Too light after all 1
895 Too light after all 2
895 Too light after all 3
895 Too light after all 4

Foxy is probably too light after all, or the old inflatables simply can take more. No matter how hard you try, you just can't do it with your bottom.

892 3 times pop

2021-03-02Pia July21:45 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
892 3 times pop 1
892 3 times pop 2
892 3 times pop 3
892 3 times pop 4
Pia makes the air mattress burst. She inflates the 3 chambers with the hand pump and tries to make them pop with her body weight.
Unfortunately, she moved too much during the last pop. Please excuse that the video is blurred in the most important scene. The pandemic is pushing us all to our limits. The girls are all doing well, thank you for all your requests. But since we can't shoot, we can't accept any request clips at the moment and have to publish a few clips now and then that should actually be languishing on the hard drive, like this one.
Stay safe and healthy and have fun!

Your RubYourToy Team