889 Riding and popping

2021-02-19Foxy Sanie11:08 minutesInflatables, Redhead
889 Riding and popping 1
889 Riding and popping 2
889 Riding and popping 3
889 Riding and popping 4
Foxy has been sent some inflatables. She is supposed to blow them up and ride them a bit. She is also supposed to pop some of them with the compressor. But sadly she doesn't succeed in making a really loud bang.

888 And now the bang

2021-02-16Pia July13:02 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
888 And now the bang 1
888 And now the bang 2
888 And now the bang 3
888 And now the bang 4

Pia blew up, rode and deflated the shark in one of her first clips. But now it's time to get down to business. She blows it up again with her mouth, but then quickly switches to the hand pump. She pumps a bit and rides it again, always alternating. Let's see what the shark can take.


887 Another popping clip?

2021-02-12Victoria Puppy15:14 minutesInflatables, Brunette
887 Another popping clip? 1
887 Another popping clip? 2
887 Another popping clip? 3
887 Another popping clip? 4

Of course! Hot Victoria wants to know how much the crocodile can take. She pumps it up and jumps on it. It doesn't pop yet, but how long can the crocodile endure the ordeal?

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880 Danielle Fox rides your favorite ball. 1
880 Danielle Fox rides your favorite ball. 2
880 Danielle Fox rides your favorite ball. 3
880 Danielle Fox rides your favorite ball. 4

The only one. Your favorite - everyone has one of those. Beautifully decorated and always nicely taken care of, the favorite ball. But now it's over. Danielle will finish it!

877 A job for Antonia

2021-01-08Antonia Sainz11:54 minutesBrunette, Inflatables
877 A job for Antonia 1
877 A job for Antonia 2
877 A job for Antonia 3
877 A job for Antonia 4

The job is: Blow up the rare and beautiful Looney Tunes beachball, ride it, keep blowing it up, ride it again until it pops. Let's see if Antonia can get the job done!

875 and 876

2021-01-05Marilyn Sugar20:40 minutes
875 and 876 1
875 and 876 2
875 and 876 3
875 and 876 4

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty and support and wish you a Happy New Year! The first update of the new year comes as a double pack. You know, sun and construction workers are the enemy of the pool shoot. But since the videos are hot, I do not want to withhold them from you, so therefore as a double pack. In clip 1 some water ran behind the lens and in clip 2 the sun was really too strong for hot Marilyn!

864 It should also be popped!

2020-12-11Foxy Sanie9:59 minutesInflatables, Redhead
864 It should also be popped! 1
864 It should also be popped! 2
864 It should also be popped! 3
864 It should also be popped! 4

The sent air mattresses were already extensively tested and ridden by Taylee. But there is still an order. They should be popped in the next step. Of course, this is a job for hot Foxy!

858 The Competition

2020-11-20Marilyn Sugar and Pia July14:22 minutesBlonde, Brunette, Inflatables
858 The Competition 1
858 The Competition 2
858 The Competition 3
858 The Competition 4

Pia and Marilyn are equipped with two tampered horsewhips. They grab the reindeer and the black unicorn and jump into the pool. It does not take long and the whipping starts. Will there be a winner?

846 Nathalie Cherie's order

2020-10-09Nathalie Cherie10:18 minutesBlonde, Inflatables
846 Nathalie Cherie's order 1
846 Nathalie Cherie's order 2
846 Nathalie Cherie's order 3
846 Nathalie Cherie's order 4

Nathalie Cherie has received a lot of beachballs. She should pop them all with her fingernails. Nothing easier than that for the beautiful Nathalie!